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Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Car Movers in India

Are you planning to relocate and need to transport your car to a different city or state in India? Hiring a reliable car mover is crucial to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your vehicle. To make an informed decision and choose the right car movers in India, it’s essential to ask them the right questions. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 questions you should ask moving companies and car movers before entrusting them with the responsibility of transporting your valuable vehicle.

Introduction: The Importance of Choosing the Right Car Mover

When it comes to moving your car, it’s crucial to choose a reliable car mover in India. Your vehicle is a valuable asset, and you want it to be handled with utmost care during transportation. By asking the right questions, you can assess the expertise and credibility of car movers and make an informed decision.

Question 1: Are you a licensed and insured car moving company?


One of the first questions to ask any car mover is about their licensing and insurance. Ensure that the company holds a valid license to operate as a car moving service provider. Additionally, ask about their insurance coverage to protect your vehicle against any damage or loss during transit.

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Question 2: How long have you been in the car moving business?


Experience matters when it comes to choosing a car moving company. Inquire about the number of years they have been in the industry. A company with a long-standing reputation is likely to have a better understanding of the intricacies involved in car transportation.

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Question 3: What types of vehicles do you transport?

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It’s essential to confirm whether the car mover can handle your specific type of vehicle. Whether you own a sedan, SUV, luxury car, or any other vehicle, ensure that the company has expertise in transporting that particular type.

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Question 4: Do you provide door-to-door car transportation services?

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Door-to-door car transportation is convenient, especially when you want your vehicle to be picked up from your current location and delivered to your new destination. Ask the car mover if they offer this service and inquire about any additional charges, if applicable.

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Question 5: What safety measures do you have in place during transit?

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The safety of your car is of utmost importance. Inquire about the safety measures taken by the car mover during transit. This may include proper loading and unloading techniques, securing the vehicle, and protecting it from potential damage.

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Question 6: How do you handle unforeseen delays or damage during transportation?

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can cause delays or damage during car transportation. It’s essential to know how the car mover handles such situations. Ask about their protocols for handling delays and their approach to resolving any damage that may occur.

Question 7: What are your payment terms and conditions?

Understanding the payment terms and conditions is vital to avoid any confusion later on. Inquire about the accepted payment methods, whether a deposit is required, and the overall cost of transportation. It’s advisable to get a written estimate from the car mover to have a clear understanding of the financial aspects.

Question 8: Can you provide references from previous customers?

Reputable car movers should be able to provide references from their satisfied customers. Request for references and take the time to contact them to inquire about their experience with the car mover. This will help you gain insights into the company’s professionalism and reliability.

Question 9: Do you offer insurance coverage for the transported vehicles?

Transporting your vehicle involves inherent risks. Inquire about the insurance coverage provided by the car mover. Ideally, they should offer insurance for your vehicle during transit to safeguard against any unforeseen circumstances.

Question 10: What is the estimated delivery time for my car?

Lastly, ask the car mover about the estimated delivery time for your vehicle. Understanding the timeline will help you plan your relocation accordingly. Additionally, inquire about the communication channels through which you can track the progress of your car’s transportation.

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